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Six hundred dresses have been made, which we will distribute in three parts of two hundred dresses. The dresses will be handed out in Jordan, Albania and a third country. The distribution of the dresses and footballs will be organized in cooperation with aid workers in the field. We want to prepare and arrange everything carefully, to prevent disappointment.

The first country where we will distribute the dresses and footballs is Jordan. Many Syrians fled to Jordan and Miriam prayed often for them. Some of the 1,5 million refugees in Jordan live in camps, but 90% live in the city, in severe poverty. This majority is often being forgotten. That’ s why we want to distribute the dresses and footballs there. We will also include Jordanian children, who live in poverty.

Tijmen and Yaél, Miriam’ s older brother and sister, have been actively involved with Princess Blessings from the start. It helps them in their grieving to do something beautiful in name of Miriam. Therefore we decided that we will travel with our family to Jordan as well. Miriam will pay the flight tickets, from her own saving account.

The logistical coordination will be done by aid workers in Jordan, in cooperation with Çeli Rustemi. The Albanian Çeli is a friend of the family and knew Miriam from when she was a toddler. Each birthday she used to give Miriam a beautiful dress. Miriam’ s birthday will be the 29th of March. We hope to spend this day in Jordan, to make it a wonderful day for many children, in loving memory of Miriam.