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We want to distribute dresses which are being made in fair working conditions. For this reason we contacted the makers of Mim-Pi ( An honest brand which makes sustainable, colorful and fair clothing for girls.
Mim-pi wanted to help us realize our ideas. We could design our own illustration which would be printed on the dresses. This illustration has been made by Marjolein Stoové  (

We made an illustration, based on Miriam’ s own drawings of rainbows, princesses, hearts, flowers and butterflies. Her creations were happy, colorful and sparkling, generously decorated with her favorite color, pink. One day Miriam drew a rainbowhouse. A symbol of hope for homeless refugee children, who live in gray garages or cold basements. We know that we have limited opportunities to help. But we can bring encouragement. Princess dresses can radiate joy into the world of little girls and help them not to focus at the hard circumstances, even if it is only just for a while.

A rainbowhouse. Miriam preferred a rainbow above her head, instead of roof tiles. What will her home look like right now? We certainly believe that Jesus prepared a beautiful place for her (John 14:2). Who knows, maybe it is a rainbowhouse. For certain she is living in a magnificent environment and she will have many new friends by now. Children who have come from disaster areas and for whom she prayed when she herself still lived on the earth.